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Hello! We are Laura Pablo and David Comerón

We were lucky to move to the same city, Madrid, and to cross paths at the same design studio. On 2018, after one year of working together, we decided it wasn’t enough and started this personal project focused on a subject we both are fascinated about, the natural world.

Before we met, Laura used to work as a graphic designer and spend the nights playing video games, while David lived a few years in Mexico as an art director. We both did plenty of graphic work until our encounter in Madrid, where we decided to join forces and focus on illustration.

We found a common point of style and interests with these geometrical, scientific nature-themed illustrations. While usually David draws and paints, and Laura designs and manages, we often swap duties.

If you want to stay updated with our latest drawings, visit and follow @nature.press on Instagram, where we post two or three times a week, or join our newsletter.

Contact us & freelance work

If you have any question, want to make a custom illustration or graphic, don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@nature-press.com. We are available for commercial work and happy to hear your ideas.

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